Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lily Pad

We do have a new member of the family. (pics coming soon, promise!)
Her name is Lily and she a pure bred Himalayan.
We adopted her last night! She is adorable and sweet and so fluffy!
She's very petite and she has that that awesome bitch face i love on cats.
Jameson is so excited to have a cat around the house. He is being good with her, just kind of pestering her. He pets her well but he did chase her up the stairs.
I admit, i kind of laughed.
They need to get use to one another. But i think this will be a good thing.
I promise pictures soon!

What else is going on in my life?. My mom is coming out in a couple weeks! She is staying for a week and a half.
Jameson's birthday is on the 30th of this month. He will be 3. **sob**
He is getting so big. And handsome too, if i can say. I know he is my kid and all but he is so good looking! We were approached last year for him to model but we never went through with it.
I'm still contemplating maybe setting him up at a modeling agency. He loves attention, he loves getting his picture taken so maybe he would enjoy it.
anyway he turns 3 this month. and I need a cool idea for his birthday party.
Ideas, anyone?

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I may be getting a new addition to the family.
And by that, I mean, pet.
More to come, with pictures!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Y'all!

I have been a bad girl and have neglected my blogging duties. But come this New Year (in 28 minutes) I promise to myself to be a better blogger. I plan on bringing back my old baking blog, as I have been hitting some grand slams with my baking. And i plan on coming back to this blog and making it bigger and better!

So Happy New Years to my very few followers! And anyone else reading this- do not be afraid to comment!

Be safe! Don't drink and drive! Save me some food!


The Liberal Belle

Friday, December 11, 2009

My son is cute

My husband drove a Porsche Carrera home the other night. He has a private client who he exclusively does work for. He drove the car home to check on some noises the client claimed the car made.
My son, bless him, freaks out everynight when Dave gets home. He jumps up and down, screams Daddy's home! and opens the door for him. I know, cute huh. Well the other night was no different. Jumping up and down, screaming and opening the door for his daddy. Dave always laughs and throws him up in the air and usually tickles him. Its the best thing to see every day to see how much my boys love each other.
Well the minute Jameson sees the Porsche he screams, Sally! Oh Daddy it's Sally!
From the Disney movie Cars. Yes, the car is the same color of Sally. We were floored he made the connection.
The rest of the night he kept looking out the window and talking to Sally, asking her where Lighting McQueen and Mater were.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm back from vacation!
I am going to be uploading pictures today so i will post another entry soon!
We got back late Sunday night and have been sick.

we had a fabulous time and will fill you in soon.

Hope you had a great Turkey holiday!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Someone put a spell on me

I think I lost it.
My mojo that is. In the kitchen. For the last couple weeks things have been going wrong. I cant really say what started it. I tried to make pralines for my friend Savanna. Now granted I had tried to make pralines one time before that and end result was 2 melted mixing bowls (do not ask). So pralines was stretching my culinary expertise.
Yeah, FAIL. They tasted good but without a candy thermometer (which had broken) the soft ball stage came and went and they were ruined. Tasted good. Like salted caramel with pecans that were clear. But a FAIL nonetheless.
Next up- fortune cookies. Seems a little complicated but fairly easy recipe. My cookies pooled together in the oven. Then I couldnt fold them quick enough. They didnt come out crunchy. They were soft but still had that wonderful fortune cookie taste.
Next allbran cake. came out dry. FUCK.
Chocolate chip cookies- yeah i know. WHAT THE HELL. I could make these in my sleep and this time they came out burnt.
Cookies and creme cupcakes- burnt in the oven. Sugar burnt and they were inedible.

Did someone curse me?

The only things I have made successfully were 2 pound cakes (of course my signature dessert) and blondies.

I want my baking skills back. NOW.